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emmy awards 2012

i'm pretty sure that sums up how i feel about the emmys.
all of my american shows were either not nominated or lost.
and all of my british shows - that were nominated - lost.
so... yeah.
even the fashion was really quite unimpressive this year.
and jimmy kimmel was an okay host. i would have much rather seen fallon host though.

but, below the cuts i've nominated some of my favorite fashions for the night.
so... yeah. i'm still upset that chris mckenna lost the only shot "community" had at an emmy this year.

well, onto fashion, then! ;)

dressed to impressCollapse )

#DanHarmonisageniusCollapse )

... i just.
i mean.
what even is this? it's amazing. and inspiring and motivational.

i am seriously contemplating lately

cut for work-related shenanigans that i'm sure most of you are tired of hearing aboutCollapse )

otherwise, everyone is getting ready to move!
i went to a going away soiree for my good friend sarah last friday.
it was great to hang out with her and some friends i don't get a chance to see.
but it's sad because she's moving to north carolina so i won't see her.
my friend amy left for grad school at the beginning of the summer (she's in VA).
and karlee leaves september 10th for london for a whole year.
i'm going to REALLY be bummed when she leaves.
(i'm also selfishly glad that my other best friend decided to take a year off before going to medical school, or else i'd feel REALLY lonely.)

so weekends have been full of parties and get-togethers, which is nice. :)
this weekend is a birthday celebration for my friend leah.
and next weekend is an open "reception" for a friend who got married a few months ago.
at least there are things to look forward to, right? ;)

and. well. that's about it in my world.
how about yours?


my life is boring and i'd rather post a television meme than actually write about what's happening with me right now.

so here we go!Collapse )

i've been so bad at updating

SO very bad.
but nothing much of consequence has happened lately.
so perhaps that's why i've been slow to update anything.
OH. i will say though, in case you wanted to see photos from my trip abroad and don't follow me on twitter, i posted a blog entry detailing our adventures and some photos from italy & london. you can click here to read all about it! :)

otherwise, i've been working and working. and working.
one of our three interns left last week and the other leaves the end of this week.
of course, the male intern - the ONE i'd love to leave - is here until the end of august.
joy of joys.

i sent my resume in to an advertising company in ft. lauderdale just for kicks.
as it turns out, they called me and left a message, asking if i'd call them back.
(which i did, to no avail -- i still haven't heard from them.)
and as much as i'd love to get out of here... i don't know. ft. lauderdale is 3-4 hours away from here.
*sigh* why can't i just find something close to me that i WANT to do?

in other random news, the girls from work and i had a harry potter scene-it night last friday!
it was a blaaaaaast to hang out with them and play. and drink hogwarts house color martinis (a virgin ravenclaw for me!)
one of the sweetest things though is that i went over and kate knows i don't drink.
and so when she said: "we're making house martinis!" before i even said anything, she said: "and i got gingerale for you."
which, let me just say, was SUPER nice of her. i've been to places where friends of mine drink and i've been left out of participating in things because of it, but it was so nice of her to include me and to buy me something without me even asking her to. :)

aaaaaand then kate creamed us all in the game, lol.
seriously, she was about twenty spaces ahead of us the whole time.
but it was fun and that's all that mattered.
we've decided that we need to have a british movie night soon so we can watch jane eyre and pride and prejudice and drink tea and have little sandwiches and cookies... because we are all adults. clearly. ;)

THIRTY FIVE HOURS until kimmierocks and office_bluth get to meet each other AND go see joel do his stand-up show in new york city. AND thirty five-ish more hours until they hopefully catch up with him after the show and give him a present from a bunch of us. :D

(i'm not jealous or anything. not at all.)

but i do suppose i should do some actual work today...
so, let's go do that. weeeee!

hellooooooooo tuesday!

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
well, technically i was back on friday.
and after a nice, relaxing weekend (and falling asleep at 8PM on friday night with my laptop still on my lap), i finally have shaken off the remnants of jetlag that i had. :)

the trip was amazing and fantastic and you can read (and see) all about it on the blog post that i made last night.
otherwise, yesterday was pretty decent at work, for a monday. most of the time was spent handing out presents, talking about my trip, and doing non-stressful busywork. today is more back into the swing of things except... well, i now have the reigns once again as the intern wrangler. 

(i told heather that i need my own theme music.)

literally, i have done nothing today apart from helping the interns with their assignments.
i'm printing, reviewing, looking at PDFs, editing... and applied for another job.
this one is actually in ft. lauderdale, which i'm kind of bummed about because i'd ideally want to stay in orlando.
still, it's a social media position which is great!

otherwise, really, i'm just back into the groove of things.
and by groove, i mean job-that-isn't-ending-any-time-soon-of-my-own-free-will.
i also think i have a dentist appointment tomorrow.

but i went to ITALY. and LONDON. and both were amaaaaaazing.
and, to just top it all off, apparently joel was in rome on vacation the same time that i was.
so i tweeted about how i hadn't run into him yet.
(and yes, i was being sarcastic. i know rome is a huge city, and i'd never run into ANYONE there, let alone him.)
still, he became my favorite person once more when i woke up to a DM that said this:

once again, joel wins everything.
sorry guys. ;)

.... !!!


i hope to return tanner, with lots of pictures, and about 10 pounds of gelato.

pray for a safe and good vacation. :)

community confessions

because i'm being less-than-productive and focused today, here are some of my favorite community confessions at the moment:

a few of my favorite thingsCollapse )

my whole brain is crying!


meanwhile, i leave actual work in about six hours.
so yay yay yay for that!

i'm also alternating between being excited and super nervous.
1) i hate flying because of my ears. so i'm praying those will be okay for the flight.
2) i'm freaking out because i feel like i'm forgetting to pack things. but i don't think i am. but i FEEL like i am, if that makes sense, lol. i triple-checked my packing list and everything. (and then forgot socks this morning for the plane ride, so there's that...)

i actually can't believe i'm going! eeeeeeeeeeeeep!
(can you tell i'll be utterly useless at work today in terms of productivity?)


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